Friday, September 30, 2016

Building boats

Because it's fun, pressure-free, and serves no purpose, I've been making boat collages every day for the past week.

I just pick out papers, cut some shapes, glue them into a sketch book, shoot them with a cellphone, use whatever app comes to mind, and voila! Here you have my current favorite three.

Why boats? I like boats. I'm a Navy brat. I hang around boatyards, harbors, and marinas photographing all shapes, sizes, and types.

But I do not want to be ON boats. (Unless it's a cruise ship and I'm being served a tropical drink.)

So I'm making imaginary boats with paper. Boats that are not to scale, nor built to sail.

And now I must heave-ho, for I and my matey Chris will be off in a few hours to celebrate 25 years of married life, plus an additional six without (gasp!) benefit of clergy. How he's put up with me for this long boggles my mind.

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  1. OK, these are just fun!! I especially like the first one. And...happy anniversary!!

  2. LOVEL ALL OF THESE. Happy Anniversary, celebrate for a LONG time. Enjoy where you are going and each other. Blessings!

  3. Thanks, CJ, Laura, and Jan for your happy anniversary wishes. We had a good day!

  4. Oh, these are terrific. Thanks for sharing. Hooe you had a great anniversary celebration. xoxo

  5. Thanks, Judy. Still making these, one a day . . .


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