Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More boats . . .

I've shown and captioned these on Facebook, but thought I'd also put them here, just for the record.

Our first morning in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, and Chris and I are in just the right spot to see the "Harbour Mist" enter the harbour to offload mackerel, mackerel destined to be lobster bait.

Then toward the end of our trip, in deep fog heading toward Cape Forchu Lighthouose in Yarmouth, cool stuff loomed out of the mist -- big piles of lobster traps and, just up the road, fishing boats.

CJ spotted this "Lady Carol" buoy behind a stack of lobster traps and called me over to shoot it. Just up the road, I found the boat it belonged to. And Chris was heard muttering, "That's no lady, that's my wife!"

 ©Carol Leigh
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  1. Such fun. Wondering is just using the clarity slider on the minus side gave you the soft image at the bottom of your blog. Lovely images !

  2. Regarding the soft look, using the clarity slider could work well -- never thought of that. Clever girl! Nope, here the softness was created simply because I was shooting through thick fog. The up-close shots look really colorful and sharp because I was right up next to the subjects. But I was on a different dock and relatively far away from the red boat, so there was a fair amount of fog to shoot through. A wet, heavy fog. More fun than using the clarity slider!


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