Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beauty, birds, and boats

A bit of nature, a touch of red, and a single flower. It was a good day Friday for driving up to Anacortes and the top of Mt. Erie to take a look around.

When the weather conditions are just right, the view is spectacular. This wasn't one of those days, but it's eagle season, and we saw maybe 20+ flying around.

(And for the past two days, at least one eagle a day has perched in the trees in our yard. How cool is that!?)

This eagle hovered overhead for the longest time. Not exactly within range of my 70-200mm lens, but sometimes you just can't care.

And then down to the marina to see what we could find. Two red boats (Arrow Marine Services) were docked, drawing me in like a crow to something shiny. Love how they had hung a ladder off the side, creating a composition that's bold but somehow skewed.

And then I noticed some hellebores in full bloom -- can't ignore pretty flowers like these.

A good day. Feeling very lucky to be here.

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