Monday, April 3, 2017

Daily bit of creativity, #015: Kyoto book paper/ink testing

I think I have a handle on the format of the Kyoto book, the type of binding I’m going to use, and am 95% sure of the paper I’ll make it from.

The process leading up to this point has been fun, involving a lot of experimentation with various papers, seeing what different inks and paints look like, how they react, etc. Here are two pictures of miscellaneous “testing materials” over on the work table.

So what’s the next step? The printer is still problematic. Once the ink cartridges I ordered come in, I’ll begin testing photographs once again.

In the meantime, I will begin creating pages, sort of generic pages, double-sided, page “sandwiches,” with one type of paper sandwiched between two others, all glued together. The individual papers are lightweight, giving the book flexibility, yet will be strong enough to take all the manhandling, the aging, the inking, the painting, the collaging, etc.

Do I really know what I’m doing? Not at all. Should I be taking bookbinding classes before giving this a go? Nah. I mean, how hard could this be?! Heh, heh . . .

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