Saturday, May 27, 2017

We are new "parents"

I didn't see him/her at first. I had pulled a couple of weeds and then tossed them over onto a weed pile when I saw a little face.

Eyes wide open, perfectly hunkered down, this guy was frozen in place. At first I thought he was dead. (Given my luck with the abandoned eggs in the junco nest and the baby robin I found last week, I feared the worst.)

But no, this little guy, smaller than a baked potato, was alive and well and doing what he should be doing when a large predator (me) arrives on the scene: He was pretending to be a baked potato.

But wait! There's another one a yard or so away. And then a third a few yards off to the right. And finally a fourth, beside a rhododendron bush. No potato impersonations for #4 -- he darted off deeper into the brush.

I ran into the house to grab my iPhone, ran out, and all three were still there. Still motionless. Still incredibly cute.

We'll see how cute they are in a month, when all my hosta plants have disappeared!

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