Saturday, June 10, 2017

Green Acres is the place to be . . .

All of a sudden this week we “have” chickens. They’re not ours. They belong to a nearby neighbor. But they apparently like to go on walkabouts and this week they’ve been showing up at our place. It’s kind of cool for this urban/suburban gal to see a more “country” side of life.

This morning the rooster showed up with six hens — fine-looking chickens. So I went out, sat nearby, and took some photographs. This shot of the rooster shows how colorful, vain, and assertive he is. Messy birds, though! Oh, my gosh! Until we get some rain, we’re going to be very careful about where we walk . . .

©Carol Leigh
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  1. Thanks, Anita. Never thought I'd be photographing roosters and chickens. Especially in my own yard!


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