Friday, August 4, 2017

Summer flowers

Home Depot is a great place to buy, say, a broom, plastic trash bags, and paper towels. So while Chris is getting all that stuff gathered up, I'm over in the garden section with my iPhone, looking for potential photos.

The friendly folks there don't mind my taking pictures, which makes the shooting much more relaxed. (I've been known to have a friend cough loudly to disguise shutter clicks. I'm not proud of it. And hope to never do it again.)

What's also nice is that the flowers aren't on the ground; they're up higher so you can shoot AT them or from slightly above with little trouble.

Here are the three I came home with, flowers that tell me it's the heart of summer. Get 'em while it's hot!

Oh, and the mystery bird that's nesting outside the front door has one hatched chick in the nest. Hatched today! Two more eggs to go. Just wish I knew exactly what kind of bird it is ... I was thinking wren, but not certain right now.

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