Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cars, chrome, and color!

The first photo essay I ever sold (back in the mid-'80s) was all about antique cars -- not entire cars, just their "parts." My love for photographing at antique car shows hasn't diminished over the years, and when I heard that there was a show today in Waldport, a mile down the road, I was there.

The challenge was dealing with the sunlight (!), but the reflections were good. I especially was drawn to the yellow Pontiac, where a big planting of California poppies reflects in the car's chrome bumper.

When photographing abstract images such as these, you get used to people watching you, looking at what you're shooting, looking back at you, shaking their heads and walking away. I can see them reflected in my viewfinder -- they don't know that I'M watching THEM!

Off-topic: I often will use the viewfinder as a sort of mirror when photographing alone, sort of a "watch my back" tool that keeps me very aware of my surroundings.

No need to watch my back this morning, with the '60s music blaring from speakers, hamburgers and hotdogs on the barbecues, families milling about, and lots of proud old codgers telling me about their prized possessions. "Yup, I got this El Camino about 30 years ago. Paid $25 for that door. Chromed that little piece out. Some folks like it, some folks don't."

And my abstract shots here? Some folks like 'em, some folks don't. ©Carol Leigh