Thursday, November 15, 2012

New e-Zine! "VisuaLeigh"

My first issue of "VisuaLeigh" online magazine is out, subtitled "adventures in composition, seeing, and inspiration for photographers and visual artists of all types."

This issue runs 29 pages, in PDF format, and costs just $5.

Here's the table of contents:

Composition "Bones" - Gisela's Birdhouse
On Seeing: What I Saw/What I Made
What's It Made Of? Components of a Photomontage
Composition Anchor or Base - Bubbles
Composition Thought Process: Battery Point Lighthouse
Inspiration Picture for a Photomontage: Industrial Park
Composition "Bones" - Architectural Salvage Building

Composition "Bones" - Pumpkins at Half Moon Bay
Creativity: The "What If" Factor
Bad Photos and Why They're Bad: Leaf Edge and Blue VW Bug
Composition Symmetry vs. Asymmetry: Painted Lady
On Seeing: Expectations and Preconceptions in an Aspen Grove

You can order this first issue of "VisuaLeigh" at my online store here:;jsessionid=BCCC46CA5A43E96070E4792FCC670782.qscstrfrnt02?productId=74&categoryId=7 Once your order is processed, you can download the magazine right into your computer. Just $5 ... you can't go wrong!