Monday, July 28, 2014

Status of 50-collage project . . .

Some time ago I decided to create 50 collages, all on the same substrate, all the same size. The goal was to help me loosen up a bit and to become more familiar with the process.

Well, I'm halfway through. What have I learned? Glue is sticky. Pre-cut square cards aren't always perfectly square. And that when I think I've placed something just so, well, it isn't just so when I look at it five minutes later.

Yet I press on.

These are three that I made in the past couple weeks, all using papers that my midwestern collage expert/friend sent me as a gift. I'm particularly drawn to the first one, which is a map of Rome that I tore up and then added things to. Love the Italian postage stamp I had in my own stash.

The second image I like because of its monochromatic look, but then there's the surprise of the red thingies in the middle.

And finally, my friend sent me some especially bright colors (which I usually don't use), which encouraged me to use this graphic of a fish that was printed onto rice paper. I added the bubbles, added painted dots to some of them, then called it done.

All of these collages are the same size, created on paper that's 4.75 inches square. Quite small, actually.

And what, you might ask, am I going to do with these once I'm done? Ha! I have no idea. Some of them I'm scanning and sending them up to Fine Art America. Have any of them sold yet? Well, no. But then you never know.

And speaking of Fine Art America, already this year I've sold more photos and earned more income than all of last year. Very grateful for what's happening over there.

Wishing you all a creative week, with sunshine, cool breezes, and no mosquitoes.

©Carol Leigh