Thursday, October 25, 2018

What I'm working on . . . artist books

I've always wanted to make a series of artist books, small booklets that contain handpainted/handprinted papers.

The process begins (at least for me) with the papers, so I've been using a gel plate and a limited color palette to make the pages.

Using the pages as a substrate, I will add additional items and then create the signatures. The signature thickness will determine how the books will be bound. For all I know right now, each book may just be a single signature!

The colors are luscious, the possibilities for embellishment limitless. Here's the layout right now for simple page-making.

An oversize gel plate is where it begins (top), where I make the individual pages (middle). In the bottom picture you can see close-ups of three pages.

This is fun! No pressure, no time constraints, and the results are beautiful. We shall see!

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  1. Ooh... these are yummy, Carol! Sounds like a fun project.

  2. It is a VERY fun project, Carol F.! It's one thing to go out and shoot, creating photos, then tweaking and creating something new with those photos in the computer, etc. And another to actually MAKE something, something physical. I need to spend less time moving pixels around and more time getting my hands dirty with paint and glue. To actually be able to HOLD something. Ya know?


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