Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Same subject but different look . . .

Last month I uploaded these four pictures to Fine Art America / Pixels. I liked the painterly look I gave them, and the striking yet subtle colors.

But after a few days I removed the bottom two. Why? They're pretty, but they don't have the same feel, the same vibrancy, nor the same feeling of sharpness.

None of the images is sharp all the way through, however. I made sure the centers were in focus, but let the focus soften as your eye moves out from center.

The last two, however, don't have that same crispness in the center, and the "petals" don't have that same little glow. They're more "blah."

So after a couple of days, the top two pictures remain, but I removed the bottom two. And now I feel MUCH better!

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