Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Raining, and I didn't even know it ...

 It's been raining here on the coast for oh, I don't know, 40 days and 40 nights, I'd wager, and everything is completely soaked. Today was a day of bright sun, followed by clouds moving through, followed by rain, more sun, etc. It's exciting weather! Very dramatic. These fishing nets looked great under bright overcast conditions, and I went nutso photographing them. So intently was I working that I didn't realize it was raining until I saw big water droplets all over my sweatshirt. A few more images and then it was definitely time to go. I keep a towel in the car to dry off -- both myself and my camera gear. Glad I had one today.

Although you're probably tired of seeing my fishnet photos, I find them incredibly exciting. I could visit this facility every day for a week and not get bored. Yeah, I know ... I'm weird. But you know what? At least I have a passion, something that takes me so out of myself that I don't know it's raining. But I do know enough to keep a towel in the car! ©Carol Leigh


  1. I guess I'm weird also, because I love your fish net photos--I love the reflections in the wet asphalt on your photos

  2. Nice to meet a fellow weirdo! And yeah, aren't the reflections in the asphalt cool? Hoo boy... Carol Leigh


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