Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clock photomontage

I made a clock photomontage and sold the rights to use it to a movie company. They're using the montage to promote funding of the movie, not to promote the actual movie. If they want to continue using the image, we'll negotiate then.

Here's a short video they made that begins with my photomontage. They've altered it somewhat (which was agreed-to in our contract). Here's a link to my montage and then here's a link to the video they made so you can see what they did with it.

My original photomontage: <http://carolleigh.blogspot.com/2010/05/time-traveler.html>

Video: <http://vimeo.com/18438540>

Just thought you might find this interesting.


  1. Interesting indeed! Good luck with further negotiations!

  2. Very Cool image and it looks like a great idea for a film.

  3. I still like the original more,
    but I guess the chages make sense for the movie,

    Congratulations, Carol!


  4. Cool!

    These two guys know a nice piece of art work when they see one. Congratulations, Carol.



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