Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's noisy in here

It's an overabundance of riches, the things there in the studio waiting for me to photograph. Leaves, feathers, sticks, a weird Japanese thingy, an old wooden box of glass slides that I haven't even begun to shoot (still working on the outside of the box), big letters, small letters, things I'm going to glue together to see how they look and then will subsequently photograph, plus all those thousands of shells I brought back from Florida. What the hell was I thinking?

And then there are urban landscapes to create, more rock studies, more for the southwestern series, galleries to contact (still keep changing my mind about all that -- lots of work, lots of financial outlay, not much money in it, but maybe, no, concentrate on other things, but still, my rock photos are rather unique, if not me, then someone else will and I'll kick myself for delaying, yet the return just doesn't seem to justify my ego...), eBooks to create, classes to conduct, etc.

How lucky I am to have so many options. That's what I keep telling myself. Yup, I'm very, very lucky. Meanwhile, my brain's clanging like a pachinko machine and won't shut the heck up. So I concentrate on a feather. Just one raggedy little feather I found on the beach and brought home. It's soft. It's quiet. Ommmmmmm... ©Carol Leigh