Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just after sunset

On our way home from Lincoln City this afternoon, we made a quick stop at the Moolack Beach parking area to watch clouds full of rain approaching the coast. There's a lighthouse out there as well as the light of a fishing boat, but probably too small for you to see. The first photo was taken at a focal length of 90mm; the second was taken at around 400mm. Very dramatic weather on the coast today, just lovely. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Carol you are so lucky to have such great photo opportunities where you live, of course one has to have the talent to show it off--simply gorgeous--Dave O

  2. Hi CL: Having been along the OR coast during our workshop with you I now have a much greater appreciation looking at your superb captures. Thanks for sharing some technical details also.
    Love today's montage posting.

  3. Thanks Dave, and thank you, too, Gisela. Hope you're keeping snug and warm back there! It's colder where you are than it is HERE! --Carol Leigh


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