Saturday, January 15, 2011

Orbs revisited

Diane Miller recently wrote an article about Photoshop actions and how it's very easy to create "orbs" when all you have to do is, once you've created the action, click a button. Her article appears on her website here.

Well, creating orbs can be addicting, so I thought I'd try doing a few more. And then I wondered what would happen if I ran the Photoshop orb action twice. Cool stuff ensued!

Here you see my original photo of colorful drinking straws. Then there's the photo of the orb. Then, with my original orb still on the screen, I ran the orb-creation action again. The third photo is the result.

So I tried it again, this time using a photo I took of a Slinky. You see the original shot and then you see the orb I created. I then ran the orb-creating action yet again, to get the photo you see at the bottom of the screen.

Curse you Thank you, Diane, for reminding me how much fun this all is! ©Carol Leigh


  1. You are already working like a mac user. What does this do, click, click click. Curiosity is wonderful, even though it wastes a little time. Smile.
    Did you see the 3 on my blog where I used content aware file on the external border?

  2. In defense of PC users everywhere, we're just as bit as curious (and time-wasting) as you mackers! --Carol Leigh

  3. Carol, you're truly demented! I never would have thought to run the orbital twice. Somebody take away my slide rule and turn me loose outside!!


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