Thursday, January 13, 2011

The plan was to clean out the studio...

Every time I head out to the studio, determined to straighten things up, throw things away, I find something else to photograph, get immersed in that, and leave the area in even more disarray. I have a jar of sea urchin shells and the shells looked so cool all stacked up, that I took 'em out, re-stacked 'em, photographed 'em, and then put 'em back in the jar. Right next to the feathers I thought I wanted to shoot and the bag o' acorns I gathered this fall that I photographed the other day -- most unsuccessfully, I might add. The acorn shots are now digital waste. Maybe when I go out to clean up the studio tomorrow I'll try photographing them again... ©Carol Leigh


  1. ElenaandRuss, RussandElena, thank you very much. --Carol Leigh


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