Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stormy seas in Yachats

©Carol Leigh


  1. WOW the gull photo was super yur so luki to liv wher ya do--Dave O

  2. Oh my gosh! The gull shot is spectacular - a one in a million catch. wow. It is everything - the gull facing the "correct" way, the wicked sky (I can just hear him thinking......here it comes, another storm). Awesome, awssome, awesome.

  3. Dave, thanks for taking the time to write -- I can see how painful it is for you! :-)

    And Carol (is that you, Carol D.?), thanks for commenting. I was using a very long lens, which makes the waves look super-close. The bird moved slightly during the exposure, but it seems to look okay (at least when it's this small!). Chris (logically) asked if this is a combined image, but nope, just as it looked there on the bluffs at Yachats. --Carol Leigh


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