Thursday, January 13, 2011

Variations on a theme

This is a "B" that I created for my "Twenty-Six in Twenty-Six" online class. (By the way, have you seen what my students are creating? You can see their work here.) I then wondered, what if I were to make a sort of primitive "tapestry" using this same photo? The colors are rich, kind of African (not that I've been to Africa), and sort of tribal. So I enlarged the canvas, copied and flipped, and that's what you see in the second photo. And then, to create a different look, I simply rotated that second photo 90 degrees to create the third picture. Is any one better than the other? I don't think so.©Carol Leigh


  1. Inspirational. I think you captured the primitive tapestry look. I can see this repeated many times for a table runner.

  2. Wow, Carol, Now I know why I take your classes, you do beautiful work. I love the look, and feel.


  3. Judy and Dale, thank you for your kind words. And Judy, a table runner is a great idea! --Carol Leigh


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