Thursday, July 28, 2011

Downtown Portland

We headed up to Portland to spend an evening and a following morning with relatives who were traveling through. But first a quick stop at Art Media in downtown Portland to check out their art supplies. Great place and the staff is (are?) helpful and generous. We had just one hour's worth of parking and a number of blocks to walk, not leaving me much time to shoot a few reflections coming and going. Being isolated on the coast, we've become country bumpkins of a sort, so this big city was quite exciting! I must return to spend many days just wandering around and shooting. More to come, including shopping mall photography, views from a jet boat, and abstracts from Fort Stevens. ©Carol Leigh


  1. You did these in one hour? Oh, Carol. You have such skill in so many areas. I love these. Do more--but then I forget you live away from the big city. Ok,do more of your lovely flower shots that are slightly out of focus and soft.
    JC in NC where it is hot.

  2. The shooting possibilities in Portland are endless and we're definitely going back when we have more time. But my flower shots that are "slightly out of focus and soft?" More to come, just for YOU. By the way, Abby misses you. Asks about you all the time! Heh, heh... --Carol Leigh


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