Monday, October 3, 2011

Definitely the last of the summer color

The rain has begun in earnest here on the Oregon coast and will be here for the foreseeable week. It's raining in New England right now, so I hear. A bit of colorful brightness is in order, so I present the very last of these vibrant flowers. ©Carol Leigh


  1. OMG - I would hang those on my wall and they would definitely get me through the winter. I would just look at them every day and I could fool myself about what was going on outside. Well, ok - at least I could try. You know how much I love the Oregon weather. Which reminds me... a few weeks ago, I went to Monterey and it was high 60's/ low 70's and yep - you guessed it - I was wearing my Oregon parka the whole time! Oh - did I say I LOVE those photos. I get very happy looking at them.

  2. Thank you, madam! And you wore that Oregon jacket in the low 70s in Monterey? Ha! That's a HEAT WAVE here! Thank you for your enthusiasm. So glad you feel happy when you see these. --Carol Leigh


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