Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boatyard Art

Here in Oregon we've got a lot of boats, and they weather quite beautifully, enabling me to take interesting abstract photographs. Here are two I photographed recently. I've also posted six more at my Flickr site here.

This first one gives me a feeling of a person flying kites. But then I also see ships, birds, celestial objects, and perhaps even a cat there in the sky.

And this next one? Looks sort of like an underwater scene to me. Fun stuff!

©Carol Leigh, who flunks every Rorschach test she takes...


  1. Carol: I really love this boatyard series. Great textures, and the more I look, the more I see in each one.

  2. I love what we see when we really see. Thanks!

  3. I am SOOOOO jealous!! Love this stuff!

  4. Ha! You're just going to have to come back . . .


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