Saturday, September 8, 2012

A perfect day . . .

Every year there's a big car show in Florence. It never disappoints. The streets are closed so we can walk around unimpeded, the cars are spectacularly beautiful, and the people are friendly and talkative. One guy had driven his Dodge down from Alaska and referred to "road rash," a new term for me, describing the resulting wear and tear on the finish. Don't know how many cars were there — maybe 150?

Here you see a bright red 1939 Mercury, a pearlescent grey 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster, and a turquoise blue Ford Skyliner Glasstop. I love creating these abstract images, images that rely solely on color, chrome, line, design, and movement.

And then... And THEN! On the way home there was another car show going on in Yachats, with maybe 80 cars. And THEY were gorgeous. The cars were packed in on the grass, maybe 200 yards away from the ocean. It was great.

A sublime day with beautiful subject matter, soft and cool overcast skies, a piece of fresh, grilled salmon for lunch, and Chris being the terrific guy he always usually is. How lucky can one be?

©Carol Leigh


  1. As always, your "Car Art" is fantastic. Old or new cars, you have a way of presenting car bits in an artful way!

  2. You are too kind! You speak the truth, but you are too kind! :-)


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