Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm a PC, er, a Mac...

Due to ongoing various PC problems, I've gone to the dark side and got a Mac. It's at the shop right now as various items are being moved from the PC onto the new computer.

Gotta say, I have a certain amount of trepidation over this move. My first computer with a hard drive was an IBM PC bought in 1991. The big question then was, did I want a 20MB or a 30MB hard drive in it? Sheesh. Now, every photo I take is almost 30 MB!

So converting to a Mac after all these years is kind of daunting, even though I know all will be well. I'm smart about computers, have a good support system, and have been assured there's chocolate involved ...

And the Mac I ordered is extreeeeeemly robust, so I'm expecting wonderful things, all done very, very fast.

 In the meantime, my office is dark, my desktop is empty, but as of noon today, all that will change. Wish me luck.


  1. Carol,
    I am excited for you!
    What about the weather out there!
    My niece lives in Portland and she has cabin fever. Your Mac will bring
    new light into your life. I look forward to your posts.
    Edie Clifford

  2. Learning a new operating system, always a challenge. Not that you can not find something to do. But if inside because of all the rain, nice to have something new to play with. May it go very well for you. :)

  3. Thanks, Edie. Weather's kind of a mess right now, but then it's a mess for 2/3 of the country, so I've no complaints. And Craig, you know how cranky I can get. Be glad you're nowhere nearby! It's going better right now, but man, it's a huge challenge.


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