Friday, February 14, 2014

Latest work: "City Sidewalks"

It's been killing me to have new equipment and yet not be able to actually MAKE anything.

I'm not going to go through the litany of all the little speed bumps (the latest being that my signature font ain't in the Mac), but I won't.

Instead, I cobbled this photomontage together using whatever I could find. I chose a photograph of cement, added photos of ink on paper, paint on paper, paint on metal, and more to come up with this, which I'm pretty proud of.

I like the combination of vertical and horizontal elements as well as how all the straight lines are softened by a bit of curvy things in the background. I uploaded it this morning to my art website at Fine Art America. We shall see.

Little steps . . . that's what I'm taking in this transition. What slows me down is that things come up, I have to research them online, figure out where to find them in the Mac, as well as remember where I PUT things in the Mac. I can now write to the Drobo, however, which required new software, but it actually works! Novel concept . . .

Again, happy Valentine's Day to you all.

©Carol Leigh (the copyright symbol in the Mac is OPTION>G, so much easier than the PC version of ALT-0169)