Sunday, June 8, 2014

Latest collage: "Getting the Word Out"

An old Japanese postage stamp, a page from a vintage Japanese book, and a background of envelopes (the "security" patterns we often see inside junk mail envelopes) form this collage. To me, it's all about communication -- envelopes, postage stamps, chopped-up stamps, etc.

All of these collages are quite small -- 4.75" x 4.75" -- and are enabling me to struggle play with the entire process without the fear of a huge blank space in front of me demanding to be filled. Small steps . . .

©Carol Leigh


  1. I love the strong black, white and red of these latest collages! Very energetic. Leave it to you, to make such good use of the inside of envelopes.

  2. That is such a great, and cohesive, design. I've been collecting different security envelopes, but haven't used them yet. You've inspired me.

  3. Thanks, Fay, for dropping in. Figured I had to do SOMEthing with junk mail . . . And Jo -- I look forward to seeing whatever you end up making with security envelopes. Laura -- thanks for your support!


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