Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sold the second two weeks of October

Here's what sold during the second two weeks of October. Although my sales are way up from last year (doubled), this October wasn't as good as last year's -- but I am NOT complaining.

I'm also showing you the format each buyer used in their purchase. I think the matting on the crows photo looks rather rich. And the Alaska fishing boats photo looks good as a big canvas wrap.

I always wonder how my photos would look as cellphone cases, and why people choose the images they do. I would never have thought of using this buoys picture as a cellphone case, but a buyer from Texas thought it looked pretty good.

Another buyer bought one of my prayer flag series photos, choosing a canvas wrap format, but notice how the fishing boats buyer opted for a "mirrored edge" on his picture and the prayer flag buyer opted for a plain black edge. And then the turban snail shell photo looks pretty good within a simple black frame.

The top crows photo has sold a couple of times before, as has the turban snail shell photo.

So there you have it. Eleven photographs sold this month, for which I am very grateful. ©Carol Leigh

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  1. Love it....each so different but so strong by themselves...hard to pick which is my favorite....of course I would have to say the crows...then the shell at the bottom....wonderful to hear of the sales...

  2. Looks like a wonderful sales platform for you....and your work is extremely saleable. Congratulations!


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