Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cool Bayview Nights Car Show

Whidbey Island's "Cool Bayview Nights Car Show" was a big draw for me Saturday. I can never pass up a car show and the weather was perfect for this one -- cool and overcast.

As usual, I zoomed in on details, not the entire car, which makes me very happy. The coolest hood ornament I've ever seen was on a blue Nash Rambler wagon. The ornament is referred to as a "Flying Lady," but to me it had a distinct California beach bunny vibe.

The grille on a 1939 Ford convertible caught my eye with all its cool repeating curved lines. Same thing with the grille on a 1941 pale blue Willys Coupe. No curves on the Willys grille, but the bold vertical lines are pretty impressive. Another shot of this same car shows a more languid set of curving lines. Ahhhhh . . .

A green 1952 Kaiser Manhattan (a car I'd never heard of until now) also looked pretty cool from the front.

And finally, lots of trophies were all lined up, waiting to be handed out at the end of the day.

The car show was right next to a farmers' market, where we bought fresh corn and a huge planter of basil.

And next to that was a nursery, where we ate at its cafe and then admired all the Japanese maples. If deer don't eat them, I think one of them is definitely in our future. More research needed on that . . .

A good day on Whidbey Island. So happy to be here.

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