Friday, April 22, 2016

Fun to see

I am grateful that my work sells as well as it does at Fine Art America. And I love seeing how the buyers end up presenting it.

These two prayer flag images I created were purchased by someone in Connecticut (thank you, whoever you are) yesterday, and the matting/framing they selected looks very elegant. The frames work perfectly with the photos.

You never know what other people see when they look at your work, so for me it's fun to see how they interpret it and how they wish it to be displayed.

Just thought you'd like to see it as well.

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  1. I love your flag series and am planning on purchasing 3 of them for a large wall above my couch. Can you give me some advice as far as whether these pics would look better in canvas, acrylic or metal? I will be ordering them each in the 36" x 36" size.

    Thank you!

  2. This may appear twice. Your message came in via e-mail and that's where I answered it. But I don't see it appearing here yet. Here's what I replied:

    Good question. There's a bit of texture built into the picture, so I'm thinking the canvas would add to that nicely.

    Metal? People love the metal prints, but for something as subconsciously soft and "woo woo" as a prayer flag, it might be jarring. Too stark.

    And acrylic? There's always a problem with glare/reflections. If the print will be facing a sunny wall, no one will be able to see the print.

    Tough call. If it were me purchasing the image, I'd be tempted to go for acrylic in a darkish room where there's no glare. Otherwise, canvas would be the most appropriate, given the "feel" of the prayer flag and because the texture within the print would be even more emphasized in the canvas.

    Hope this makes sense and makes your decision easier. Thank you for being interested in my prayer flag images -- I had a great time making them.

    Carol Leigh

  3. Thank you so much....your advice was very helpful!



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