Sunday, April 3, 2016

Latest work: "Burning Bright"

My project of late is making a wall hanging consisting of hand-made tags. (I'll post a photo here when it's done.) Each tag is sort of a mini-collage consisting of monoprints, torn papers, postage stamps, hand-painted images -- a veritable potpourri of weird but (I think) very cool stuff.

As I'm doing this, I'm bringing various images into the computer to see if I can create new photomontage work to submit to Fine Art America. This is one I created today. It has a celestial vibe to it yet sort of a primitive, jungle-ish vibe as well.

When I make these, I always check to see if they will work equally well as a square image, and in this case, yes, it did, as you can see.

Mild insanity right now in the studio as I'm making, collecting, painting, gluing, working on the computer, etc. And then this morning, early on a Sunday morning, around 5, all was completely quiet and still. I was wallowing in the silence when all of a sudden there was a loud, prolonged, high-pitched wail of a coyote, who must have been in our back yard no more than 20 yards away. That set off every other coyote in the area as well as every domestic dog who happened to be outside.

Lasted about 60 seconds, then silence. Except for the domestic dogs. Who always seem to want the last word.

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