Friday, April 15, 2016

Latest work: "Remains Unsaid"

Rummaging through my more recent boatyard photos, I came upon one I'd taken of peeling letters on a sign. The stick-on letters were all peeling inward and I just liked them. Click.

I found a couple of other shots I'd taken that day, combined them, and ended up with this image.

My routine, when I create photomontages, is to save the image and all its layers, so that if I decide I want to change anything, all the layers are there for me to work on. Then I flatten the image and save it under a different name.

Alas, sleep-deprived and awake way too early this morning, when I went to save the image and all its various layers, I clicked "Save" rather than "Save As," remembering too late I had already flattened the image, so all those layers are gone, leaving just this. Not the end of the world. Just stupid!

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