Monday, April 11, 2016

Lines and curves

As I continue to work on my black and white series of military fort details, I'm seeing how much easier it is to see line and design when not being distracted by color.

Color can seduce you into a photo, but composition, line, and design keep you interested.

Ooh, that sounded good, didn't it? (I was going to elaborate, relating it to bad relationships and life, but I won't go there. And aren't you glad?!)

In the first shot, I liked the contrast of the textured background behind the smooth railing. I also like the diagonal bits. And finally, I like the little rounded knob on the railing against all those incredibly straight lines.

Same thing in the second photograph. In this case I like the curve in the lower right, the curves of the round ring, both contrasting with the bold black horizontal line.

Then in the bottom photo, all we have are straight lines. The sharp edges of the steps, precisely cut, diagonating across the frame. I purposely let a bit of warmth come through in the background just to set off the steps a bit.

Gotta say, I'm enjoying this black and white work. And it's fun to go back through years of photos I've taken in various forts and bunkers and look at them with new eyes and new skills. And a new attitude.

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  1. Silver Effects Pro conversion? Hope you are enjoying your new filters.

  2. Yes, am enjoying them. Just using a hint of Silver Effects Pro. Fun to see what it can do. Naturally, I've not yet read about the filters nor have watched any videos. I like to rummage around a bit first, play, and only then go and learn more about them. With such limited bandwidth, I have to pick and choose carefully. Sigh. No newspaper. No unlimited internet. No TV. No cable. No GS Warrior games to watch. No Kobe final hurrah to see. It's challenging!


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