Thursday, April 21, 2016


We walked around the docks in Anacortes yesterday, just seeing what we could find. I was particularly interested in reflections (bright, sunny day -- perfect for that sort of thing), but was open to whatever came my way.

Well, at the end of the dock was this big red boat. The vibrant red was an eye-catcher, but what I really liked was how a ladder was tied to the side.

More specifically, I loved the diagonal lines. See how the rungs of the ladder diagonate one way, the ropes diagonate another way, and then the sides of the ladder also run on the diagonal, but in the opposite direction? Woo hoo!

And one other thing. See the horizontal line there in the lower third of the frame? That subtle line contrasts HUGELY with all the diagonal action, and emphasizes the concept of diagonal lines even more. That line also grounds all the flighty activity above it.

I was carrying a camera with a 70-200mm lens on it, which was way too long for me to take this image, so I used the iPhone 6+ and am pleased with the result.

Because, to me, this shot is all about screaming red color and bold lines, I also cropped it as a square, which emphasizes the lines even more. Is one format better than the other? Well, the top shot emphasizes left-right movement more, whereas the square format emphasizes the design concept more.

I like them both. The artist in me likes the square better, but a more casual viewer might be drawn to the top shot because it tells more of the "story." And there's more red. What do YOU think?

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