Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Seduced by color

As I've been working in a lot of neutral tones lately, when I see some of my more colorful images, they sort of startle me, shake me up, and make me happy.

Here are three examples, two of which were "as found" and one a photomontage.

The "tickets" image was taken in San Diego, the longhorn skull on the front of a shop in Madrid, New Mexico, and the "P?" The background (including the stripes) is a reflection of a fishing boat photographed in Newport, Oregon. The "P," too, comes from a fishing boat. I like the repeating pattern of the stripes and the diagonal-ish lines in the background contrasting with the upright-ness of the letter.

Purple and orange is the theme of these three, apparently. I remember in eighth grade, living in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, receiving a bright purple mohair sweater from my Aunt Lucy, and loving it. Especially combined with an orange pleated skirt! Totally clueless about style then as I am today.

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