Saturday, May 14, 2016

A couple from downtown Coupeville

Coupeville's Penn Cove Water Festival is going on right now. Chris and I headed downtown before all the festivities began and wandered around a bit. Alas, I'm not fond of crowds, so we left before the "good stuff" started, but still enjoyed talking with the vendors, wandering around the farmers' market, having coffee and apple pie at Knead & Feed.

Here's a self-portrait in front of a shop called "Far From Normal." Nah, not me at all, but if you look closely, there's Chris reflected in the TV!

And then a shot of an antique store across the street. Love the arrow in the window.

A cool and overcast day today on Whidbey Island. Nice contrast to all the bright sunny days we've been having lately. Sounds weird, huh? Yeah, well . . .

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