Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's still spring . . .

In my mind, spring officially ends June first. Spring = March, April, and May. June first is the beginning of summer to me, when things heat up and the fresh green-ness of spring dissipates, bringing solid colors, substantial fruits and vegetables, leaving the delicacy of new growth and flowers behind.

Only a couple of weeks left, but I cling to the springtime vibe by playing with painterly techniques, finding flower photos from years past and giving them a different treatment. New eyes. New techniques. New skills. New growth. And it's fun.

Of these three pictures, only the tree is current; the other two flowers -- a daisy and a Japanese anemone -- were photographed years ago, reappearing today in a slightly new wardrobe. What all three have in common is the slight tip, the tilt, the curve, that little fillip that gives the flowers, the tree, a bit of personality, a bit of movement, a bit of direction.

There's a time and place for solidity, structure, linearity. Spring just ain't that time.

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