Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Around the island . . .

A recent visit to the marina in Langley gave me a variety of photo possibilities, including this extremely large Dungeness crab caught by an extremely happy fisherman.

Off to the north the sky was overcast and bright, giving me the opportunity to purposely overexpose the shot, keeping the lightness and brightness intact.

Two women began paddling out, unable to see the drama below them. What they missed, and what we were able to see from the dock above, was a huge "herring ball." Millions of herring, their gills showing a bright red, were swirling in a densely packed ball, sometimes splitting apart, but quickly coming back to center. The fish were moving fast, in tandem, seemingly as one large organism.

One of the dock workers told us that "there are two harbor seals in the area that sometimes swoop in for a quick meal, and that's always fun to see."

No seals in sight, the herring ball slowly moved away, and so did we.

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