Sunday, March 12, 2017

Daily bit of creativity, #001

This morning, just to keep my head in the game, I decided to post one bit of something I've created every day.

I work on a lot of art projects, photography being just a small part, and thought it might be fun to photograph stuff that I'm making, that I'm drawing, thinking about, seeing, experimenting with, etc.

And this is my first one. It's a gourd I made eons ago, with beads hanging from it and a crow feather stuck into some leather at the top. It sits on a shelf over my desk. There's a wall lamp immediately to the right, my only light source in the early morning hours.

The iPhone was right there, why not take a picture and see what happens?

Well, the picture wasn't so great, but it wasn't awful, either. I transferred it into the computer, tweaked it using Camera Raw, then used an effect from Topaz which I can't remember now, then added a texture. By this time the shot was really muddy, so I made an adjustment layer and, with Levels, lightened and brightened the image, trying not to lose some of the mood.

Is this a wonderful piece of art? Nah. I don't think so. But it's something different. And that's the important thing, that it's different.

That's what this daily project is supposed to give me -- the motivation to create something, anything, every day and post it here.

I did something similar years ago -- a photo a day. Man, it was hard! But it kept me thinking about photography all the time. And my photography improved.

This might be difficult as well. After all, if it were easy, everybody would be doing it, right?

Wish me luck. And be prepared to see some pretty awful art. But there will be a lot of good stuff, too. I guarantee it.

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