Monday, October 23, 2017

A little fall color

On one side of our yard we have a large stack of logs that look particularly good after a rain. Colorful pine needles tend to collect on them, too. Add to all that the fact that they are about chest-high and I'm a happy photographer! No major bending or stooping.

Here are three that I took recently; the first one was taken this morning. And for that photo I offer this explanation:

Photographed early this morning under overcast skies, so the bluish nature of the light accentuated the purple color. I also underexposed a bit to keep the color rather rich. And I'd like to thank Mother Nature as well as Golden brand's "Dioxazine Purple" acrylic paint for their assistance.

Yes, I painted the first leaf. But look at the third picture -- I didn't paint that one, and yet . . . PURPLE!

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