Friday, September 17, 2010

Major monochrome ...

It's the nature of the Oregon coast to provide a lot of photo opportunities for monochromatic images. I.e. it's often foggy! During my recent workshop here, we had lots of chances to shoot under overcast skies. In the first photo, I exaggerated the overexposed look in post-processing by sliding the clarity slider more toward the left and the exposure slider more toward the right. This is a painterly effect that I'm very wary of using, but it seemed to work in this instance.

And then it just wouldn't be a coastal shoot without the ubiquitous gull. This one stationed himself on a rock wall, and didn't move from his spot at all as we photographed him. I purposely overexposed these two photographs for a more high-key effect.

More monochrome to follow ... ©Carol Leigh