Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three squares

Chris and I headed down the coast yesterday because (a) it wasn't raining, (b) it was actually sunny, (c) we could, (d) I needed to check out my camera which recently has been repaired, and (e) I knew some cool texture locations I wanted to revisit and shoot.

It was a wonderful day.

We had lunch outside in the sun at a favorite restaurant, the Schooner Inn Cafe in Reedsport. Their fresh Dungeness crab salad was full of big pieces of crab meat, fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, and more.

Then on down the coast to see what we could see. Found this #7 at a gas station, the checkerboard-like side of a building in Reedsport, and then a close-up of texture on the side of a boat in Charleston.

I turned each of these images into squares because even though they were fairly spare and simple to begin with, the squarification process simplified them even more and emphasized the feeling of line and design and movement. And because I could.

Good day. Good photography. Good company. And sun.

©Carol Leigh, wishing you all good days such as this