Monday, April 2, 2012

A good day

When it rains, we wonder why the heck are we still living here. But when it's a day like today, with the overcast gradually giving way to sunshine and cool breezes, life's pretty good. We had a bunch of errands to run, but first we took a walk along Newport's Historic Bayfront, chatting with store owners, checking out the sea lions, gazing across at all the big white ships lined up at the NOAA docks, etc.

We had lunch at Canyon Way and talked with a guy at the next table from Idaho, here on vacation, away from his regular job which is putting out forest fires using helicopters. Interesting guy, good sense of humor, but not optimistic about the upcoming fire season.

We also took care of business, picked up some supplies, and then leisurely headed back home, where we enjoyed more sun, more time outside.

Contrast is everything. If we didn't have so much rain (36 inches so far this year, but who's counting?) would we appreciate the sun breaks so much? (I'd like to think so.)

But what cemented our "we're happy to be living here" frame of mind today was watching the osprey fly directly overhead, a fish flapping in its talons, seeing the seals sprawled out on the rocks just offshore at eponymously named Seal Rock, and noticing a brown pelican, optimistically still in his breeding plumage, sitting on a dock.

The photography wasn't so great, but it didn't matter. Here you see the top of Gino's Restaurant with a big mural directly behind it. And then a little sign in the whale watch window welcoming NOAA to their new home port here in Newport. Sunshine, good conversation, an osprey, a few seals ... life is good.

©Carol "it's supposed to rain tomorrow" Leigh