Sunday, March 4, 2018

A trip to Mt. Vernon, Washington

We made a quick trip to Mt. Vernon yesterday to check out Iskra Johnson's show at Perry and Carlson Gallery. Before the gallery opened, we wandered around, admiring all the old buildings, and bemoaning the increasing number of empty storefronts. There's a vibrancy, however, to the shops, restaurants, and offices that remain, so the allure continues.

We found this mural in a parking area (alas, parked cars obscured the lower bits), that is titled "From These Waters." A "celebration of the contributions of immigrants to our native lands." Bright, vivid, and bold -- it's fun to just stand and stare at everything in it. What you're not seeing are images of Charlie Chaplin, John Lennon/Yoko Ono, waterfalls, logjams, a steam engine, pumpkin fields, more flower fields, orcas, mountains, and a windmill.

I've followed Iskra Johnson's work for some time on Instagram and am drawn to it primarily because of her love of industrial images and by her techniques. She's a kindred spirit, and it was great to see her work printed BIG. The show opened yesterday and runs for a month -- worth seeing if you're in the area. Here's the link to her website. And here's the link to the Perry and Carlson gallery and shop.

And finally, a good place to eat is Third Street Cafe, featuring fresh northwestern seasonal cuisine. I had an omelet with caramelized onions and chevre; Chris had a cheeseburger. Both excellent. Here's a link.

After a couple of weeks of freezing and below-freezing temperatures, walking around town in 50-degree sunshine was a luxurious treat. Seeing Iskra's art and having a delicious lunch were big bonuses.

Wishing my northeast friends warmer, sunnier weather as well.

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