Monday, February 15, 2021

AROUND THE YARD: February Snow!

This past weekend the most beautiful snowstorm hit the Pacific Northwest. It approached slowly, with no attendant winds, no wet gloppy flakes, no power outages, no trees down. Nope. Just soft, dry, slow-falling snowflakes. Slow, but constant. And we awoke to pristine, footprint-free, acres of snow. Well, there were a few footprints where a couple of deer had walked through, but that just added to the charm.

Low temperatures froze the water in the rain chain. I stood warm and dry on the front porch and simply admired the view.

Looking out the back windows, there was nothing but beautiful trees (and a few rhododendrons), all covered with snow. So pretty.

And then I focused on just two tree trunks, one seemingly wearing a snowy skirt, for sheer simplicity.

All photos shot with a cellphone.

©Copyright 2021 Carol Leigh