Monday, February 8, 2021

Giving care and remaining sane . . .

When someone you love needs your care, of course you help. To make their situation as good as it can be. No question.

In my case, it means suddenly doing things I've not done with any regularity (if at all) in the past 30+ years.

Things he was better at than I, things he enjoyed doing (grocery shopping, for instance) that I loathed.

And it also means being less selfish, being more other-directed. A novel concept for me.

I am getting better at it. Step by small step. One task at a time.

My big achievements this past week? Cooking meals.

In a previous life I cooked a lot. Was decent at it. Until I married someone who managed restaurants and loved to cook. It became easy to take a back seat. Good food magically appeared.

Poor guy. Now I'm in charge of grocery shopping, food prep, and cleanup.

I call him from the grocery store. "Where's the pesto we like?" Or "I can't find Hunt's canned tomatoes. Is Signature brand okay?" 

And he knows. And I learn. 

So here are the ingredients I prepped for a quiche last week. (Broccoli, onions, zucchini, multicolored new potatoes, mushrooms, etc.) And he allegedly liked it. A few too many veggies for his taste, but there's a new sheriff in town (me), and these things are gonna happen!

Photo copyright ©2021 Carol Leigh