Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Gorge

Iron rails, offshore islands, ancient peoples, tall pines, and water moving, moving, moving: the Columbia River Gorge. I didn't start out thinking, "I'll make a montage depicting the Columbia River Gorge this morning." Nope, it all evolved, bit by bit, as I changed images from horizontals to verticals, added shadows, made paint into pine trees, turned a bit of iron into an island, and gently encouraged splatters to appear as petroglyphic figures moving upstream.

This piece has hard shapes and colors yet conveys a certain quiet and calm, which I find appealing. I like it so much that I've made (as usual) a print for myself and two to sell. They're 7" x 7" square, printed on 8½" x 11" paper. To purchase, and for more information, please click here. ©Carol Leigh


  1. You never know... The beauty of having it all come together. I'd say you have it within you and that your visions, concepts, designs and such all trigger places you have a strong bond with. Some call it magic, some call it talent, some call it spiritual... You seem to have it all, bring it all to the table and deliver. Great photo montage Carol!

  2. This is just lovely -- gritty industrial bits and pieces come together to make a lovely, organic composition!

  3. Man, oh, man, just when I think I'm going absolutely nowhere and nothing's going right, I can always rely on you, Stephan and you, Diane, to have just the right words to make me feel better. Thank you both. And I like your pointing out, Diane, the "gritty industrial bits and pieces" creating an "organic composition." That was well said. -- Carol Leigh

  4. Hell, woman -- it was well done!!


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