Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well, my heart was in the right place...

I went into the studio with the full intention of photographing waxed paper. (It's my self-assignment for my "Parts is Parts" class that's winding down right now.) But there was this wood. And some string. And a couple of old pen nibs sticking out of  a jar. I just couldn't help myself. This seemed a lot more fun than photographing waxed paper (although I must say, my waxed paper photos are rather cool!).

And this, my friends, is the delight and the curse of being self-employed. I have no one other than ME telling me what to do. Yes, I have critiques to do and questions to answer and videos to make and marketing to get around to and websites to update and people to placate who are so annoyed that I've discontinued the Wildflower Hotsheet, and and and . . . but when inspiration hits, I find I need to run with it, figuring yes, the other stuff WILL get done, but right now there's this string, see, and this wood, and and and . . . so I'll get back to the other stuff right away, and what I don't get done, well, at 4 a.m. tomorrow I'll be frantically trying to catch up.

And now if you'll excuse me, I need to go photograph some waxed paper. Work, work, work . . . ©Carol Leigh