Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Online photo class about to begin ...

My "Developing Your Creative Edge" online photo class begins May 1 and runs for two months. During that time, lessons/assignments will be about: 1) photographing doors, windows, and walls, 2) a walk around the block, 3) office art, 4) alphanumeric, 5) red, white, and blue, and, finally, 6) twos and threes. Here's a link to the class description:
If you'd like to be a part of this crazy mix, I have a couple of spaces available. The best part of the class is seeing everybody's photos and my critiques (which usually run 2-4 pages in length). You learn not only from your own work but from the work of others. All this takes place in a gentle, encouraging, non-confrontational environment. No critique will begin with the phrase, "What the heck were you THINKING?"  :-)

Our first lesson is about doors, windows, and walls, and my three examples here are colorful doors on the Oregon coast, three windows in an old building in Colorado, and a leafless vine growing against a wall at the Getty Museum. ©Carol Leigh

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