Monday, April 19, 2010

A plethora of pink

I was all set to go for a walk on the beach when it began softly raining, so I headed over to the Oregon Coast Garden Center instead. It's been a tough winter for them, with freezing temperatures lasting for more than a week in December and then lots of wind and rain earlier this year. But their place looks great, with lots of azaleas beginning to bloom. They're so kind to let me wander around shooting, and I found myself gravitating to the soft pink colors and striking forms of clematis flowers.

Spring has almost sprung and we're heading into two of the most beautiful months of the year in Oregon -- May and June. The goldfinches are turning a bright yellow. There are golden- and white-crowned sparrows in the back yard, and an evening grosbeak came to the feeder this afternoon. The ospreys are nesting -- one pair at the garden center and another pair up the road. Soon we'll see them flying overhead, fish in their talons, heading back to feed their young. And so it goes. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Beautiful flowers -- you guys have had a long, wet winter & deserve all these spring flowers.

  2. The symmetrical pattern in the top photo really draws my eye, and I love the shallow DOF in the second photo. Just lovely.


  3. The finer "natural" things in life... Nature's explosions of color as if the 4th of July was in March and April. Your images speak volumes of spring and indeed explode with vivid color, expression and spirit. As always, excellent work Carol. All the best!

  4. You've captured their beauty perfectly! I can imagine they were entrancing....

  5. Judy, CJ, Stephan, and Marianne -- It would be a less meaningful existence without your continuing comments and support. Thank you. -- Carol Leigh


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